Do You Buy Gadgets For Your Family And Friends For Christmas?

With Christmas gift buying season upon us, it's time to start thinking about what you plan on getting your family and friends. And with our Christmas gift guide in mind, we want to know: Do you buy gadgets for your friends and relatives?

There's no denying that the better gadgets out there may not make the most ideal gifts for casual acquaintances, thanks to their invariably larger pricetag. But with online novelty shops like Latestbuy and Tesora selling cheap electronic goods by the bucketload, gadgets could make up a large chunk of your Christmas purchasing plans, replacing traditional gifts like books, CDs, perfume and DVDs.

So tell us: Do you buy gadgets for your friends and relatives for Christmas each year? And if so, what do you get? Let us know in comments.

[2010 Xmas Gift Guide]

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