Did You Win A Limited Edition Alien Egg Blu-Ray Box Set?

Three lucky Gizmodo readers will be receiving a limited edition Alien egg box set thanks to their limerick writing skills. Are you one of them?

Congratulations go to mattyb83 for this little ditty:

there was once a miner named Kane who found himself in a world full of pain from within his chest an alien did nest that burst out of him like rain.

Gary Lim for his limerick skills:

Bishop’s death in part two was the money His fight with the queen, quite funny With his legs over here It did end his career All that white, gooey blood was so runny

and Namarrgon for nuking the comp from orbit with this one:

Overwhelmed by aliens galore, Spilling blood that cuts through the floor. Forget interests corporate, Just nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Congrats to the winners - I'll be in touch later today!

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