Design The Final Look For The GizMod Rukus

Design The Final Look For The GizMod Rukus

 title=The GizMod Rukus has been getting better and better over the past few weeks, but there’s still one area that needs a high definition makeover – the outside. And in a move that is either inspired or unbelievably foolish, we’re going to pass that job over to you.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be taking the Rukus on a road trip down to Canberra to the guys at AutoGrafika, who will proceed to cover the car with a high quality vinyl wrap. The design of what that wrap actually looks like is up to you.

Here’s how it’ll work: First, you need to download the PDF Rukus template from here. Then, using your illustrating software of choice, you need to create a design for the Rukus. The only condition is that it needs to be done as a vector art format, which shouldn’t be an issue for designers. Once you’ve completed your design, send it back to us at with the subject line “Rukus design” by 11:59pm on December 9.

Then on December 10, we’ll showcase some of the best designs on the site, before we choose the best one and take the car down to Canberra to get it put on the Rukus.

If you don’t feel like you’ve got the design skills to create a custom look for the Rukus, we still want you to help guide the design. Pop your ideas in comments, and perhaps one of the designers will take your ideas on board. But keep in mind, any suggestions for a naked woman riding a tiger will be ignored…

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