Cut The Rope Goes Cosmic

Cut The Rope Goes Cosmic

Chillngo’s adorable little candy muncher Om Nom has proved irresistible to iPhone gamers. Here’s a sneak peek at what more than three million Cut The Rope players can look forward to in update 1.1.

Cut the Rope is a physics puzzler in which players strategically slice ropes in order to give the ever-hungry Om Nom candy. It’s a simple little game, and a dangerously addictive one as well. We recently featured it in our 2010 iPhone Holiday Buyer’s Guide, so you know it’s good, and it’s about to get better.

The 1.1 update, coming soon to the iTunes App Store, introduces 25 more levels of candy-crunching action in the Cosmic Box. the new box introduces an element of zero gravity to the game, along with 11 new achievements, updated retina display graphics and more animations for our hero.

“We thank all of the amazing fans who have shared the joyful fun Cut the Rope offers with friends and family to make it a phenomenal success,” adds Efim Voinov, CTO of ZeptoLab. “The 1.1 update is just the beginning; we hope to release an additional update just in time for the holidays and bring even more action-packed, Om Nom excitement to your fingertips!”

There’s more? Man, I’m going to be taking some long bathroom breaks this Christmas.

Republished from Kotaku