Cops Zap PCP-Using Rock Band Enthusiast (With Video)

Cops Zap PCP-Using Rock Band Enthusiast (With Video)

From the University of Maryland comes this tale of holiday cheer – starring GameStop, Rock Band 3, a guy on PCP, cops, and the requisite taser.

A Maryland senior headed to a shopping centre on Monday intending to get a new ATM card. Instead, he saw a guy alone inside a GameStop, game cases strewn about the floor, apparently playing Rock Band 3. The Maryland student said the guy’s pupils were “all dilated,” and described him as “pretty fucked up.”

Enter the College Park fuzz. They tried to talk calmly to the guy; he responded with a barrage of profanity and by, quote, flipping a shit, endquote, so out came the electroshock treatment, which you may see above.

The Diamondback, the newspaper of the University of Maryland, followed up with cops, who said the tased Rock Band enthusiast was under the influence of PCP. He was taken to a local hospital, treated, and released.

The University of Maryland is the alma mater of Kotaku editor Brian D. Crecente.

Unruly Man Tasered, Arrested Downtown [The Diamondback, thanks former Kotaku intern Andrew Freedman]