Conroy's Filter Delayed Until 2013, But Still Not Scrapped

Just before the election the government's proposed internet filter was postponed until next year, in what was widely regarded as a quick and easy way for the government to kill off a controversial election topic. But it didn't die. Now John Hilvert at ITNews is reporting that a strategy brief from the DBCDE is stating that the legislation couldn't be introduced to parliament until the middle of 2013.

The delay is a direct result of the expected delay of the classifications review the government has tasked to the Standing Committee of Attorney Generals.

Three years is a long time in politics, so who knows exactly what will happen in the next few years. But until someone holds this policy down and uses a chainsaw to decapitate the ridiculous filtering concept from the future of Australian internet, consider it still on the cards.

[ITNews via Lifehacker]

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