Charlie Chaplin Movie's Mobile Phone-Using Time Traveller Debunked?

Last week, the internet was captivated by a Charlie Chaplin movie out-take which appeared to show an extra chatting on a mobile phone as she walked through the shot. Turns out it was probably just an old-school hearing aid.

Irish filmmaker George Clarke, the dude in the clip above who was really into the idea of the lady being a time traveller, apparently didn't talk to many hearing experts - a few have suggested that the object the lady is holding is likely an ear trumpet, essentially old-time analogue hearing aid.

LiveScience got the scoop:

"As you can tell from these, old-fashioned mechanical or resonating hearing aids were not necessarily long and rounded," said Philip Skroska, an archivist at the Bernard Becker Medical Library of Washington University in St. Louis. "Short, compact rectangular forms were not unusual."

19th-century resonator hearing aids such as ear trumpets were still made in large numbers well into the first decades of the 20th century, Skroska explained, and the basic designs didn't change much aside from incorporating newer, plastic-like materials.

"Besides, I would expect this woman to be over 50 years old, so using a late 19th century design in 1928 would not be a stretch I think," Skroska said.

OK, fine. Or maybe it was a time traveller from the future using an antique ear trumpet... [LiveScience via FilmDrunk]

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    Granted, occam's razor says it's probably a hearing aid,.. but why is she talking? There is no one talking to her in shot! So why is she so clearly talking? :{

    "its not an am/fm radio because OBVIOUSLY its 1928". Lol, so obviously cant be a radio so it must be a time travellor chatting on a mobile phone thats got no cell coverage. Why cant a time travellor listen to a radio?

    think about it, mobiles wouldnt function in 1928 since the towers they need to function didnt come around until recently, and there were very few radio transmitters in use at that time.

    well if she was a time traveler, then who's to say its a mobile phone, it could be some communication device that we wouldn't even know about. But what interests me, is that the man walks by and his not even bothered that shes talking to herself, as if its a normal thing to do.

    A woman like that, I'd hardly expect to be using a phone in OUR timeline let alone decades ago.

    She's a Terminator !!

    It was arnold....

    As a Doctor of Metephysics I can safely say that the lady is (a) probably carrying something like an umbrella (b) old fashioned hearing aid as already stated but unlikely (c) just something or other rolled up against her ear to stop the cold as she has earache.
    Time traveling a subject on its own, and there would certainly be no need for a mobile phone with this highly developed metaphysical technology.
    regards Dr. Brian.

    We don't talk into a hearing aid, we use it to hear. The woman is obviously talking into it?

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