Can A PC Be Upgraded Forever?

This little aluminium computer has one big goal: To be the last PC you will ever need. That's what the manufacturer claims: The Xi3 Modular's three boards will allow you to upgrade it forever. Maybe. I just like the colour.

The tiny Xi3 Modular has one board with two AMD Athlon 64 processors and the RAM, while two I/O boards handle all connectivity and input/output requirements. They say that, by changing these boards you can "upgrade this computer forever" to save money and resources. Nice intentions, Captain Planet, but many computer manufacturers have tried the same approach only to discover that their modular technology always gets outdated, rendering their whole upgrade strategy into a broken pencil: Pointless.

Still, it's a nice little computer which is designed to be mounted anywhere. It comes with dual display support with 1080p DVI, VGA, HDMI, LVDS and DP output, plus six USB and two SATA Ports, Xi3p and PCIe, and it's available in limited quantities for $US849. [XI3 via BusinessWire]

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