Burger King Employees Fired For Printing 'F— You' On Receipt

And here I thought Burger King was the classy fast food establishment! Oh wait that's Wendy's. Anywho, two California Burger King employees were fired for printing "FUCK YOU" on a customer's receipt. Watch local reporters take the matter very seriously.

First: who knew these fast food dudes could print whatever they wanted on receipts in the first place? Why haven't we heard more about this? Forget spitting on burgers - what's the fun of drive-thru mischief if there's like zero chance your victim ever finds out about it? - I'd be printing zingers on receipts left and right. But I digress!

This report seems a little silly, no? Like the idea that this fellow would sue the King over this? What are his damages? He seems a little too smug about the whole thing anyway. [KCRA]

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