Build A Lego Christmas Tree With Powerpig

Christmas trees - fun, but FLAMMABLE. And you have to chop them down, destroying part of mother earth's bounty. Wouldn't it be nicer to make an adorable one out of Legos instead? Powerpig's awesome holiday model series continues.

Like last time, Powerpig - similar to the generous Mr Claus himself - has provided both detailed visual step-by-step instructions and a downloadable file for use with Lego's Digital Designer software. The Lego tree might not have the say, scale, of a real Christmas tree, but it's a predictably awesome use of bricks from Powerpig and will add some Christmas zest to your desk.

Powerpig wants to remind everyone that his colour choices don't have to be yours too - feel free to decorate that shrub however you'd like. Pink bricks! A blue star! Go for it. And, if you're feeling particularly in the holiday spirit, check out Bricklink's Creations for Charity 2010, a marketplace of neat Lego builds—and all cash goes to Toys for Tots. A terrific little tree scene of Powerpig's making, along with three of his ornaments from last week are featured at the store, so check 'em out if you love Lego and the warm glow of charity. So get building, and start anticipating the warm glow of Christmas dinner booze. Mmmm. [Powerpig]

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