Ask Malcolm Turnbull About The NBN

Ask Malcolm Turnbull About The NBN

 title=Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to talk to Gizmodo about the NBN. So we want to pool our collective technical knowledge to hit him with the smartest, technically-savvy questions about the Oppositions blind objection to the National Broadband Network.

It all started with a tweet. After watching Turnbull claim that “Every cent that is spent on this NBN will be at the expense of the taxpayer” on Lateline last night, our boss man Seamus hit Turnbull up on Twitter:

it is NOT, and has never been, “$43b of taxpayer money”, @TurnbullMalcolm. stop abusing a false number! #lateline #nbn

To which Turnbull responded this morning:

ok seamus, so who’s money is it then? a donation from a leprechaun…sorry forgot they have a bad case of the shorts right now.

Classy, right?

Nevertheless, the conversation went back and forth until Shay asked Turnbull to be interviewed by Giz. And Turnbull, to his credit, agreed.

So now we want your input. We want you to give us your question for Conroy’s Liberal nemesis. We’re looking for intelligent, technically savvy questions about the opposition’s replacement NBN plan. Whether it be about getting Turnbull to justify his party’s position against the planned network or asking for detail on how they think wireless could be a viable alternative to fibre, we want you to be a part of it.

Pop your questions in the comments section below and stay tuned for more info.