Are BigPond Offering Foxtel On Xbox As Unmetered Content?

According to a couple of tipsters and some users on the Whirlpool forums, Foxtel on Xbox is coming up as unmetered content for BigPond users. This is a huge win.

Foxtel on Xbox is a great idea, but with the high quality stream chewing through about 800MB in an hour, it can prove to be costly to your data allowance. It makes sense that BigPond would be the first to unmeter this content, given their partial ownership of Foxtel and the fact that they already include Foxtel's PC based download service as unmetered content.

We've contacted BigPond to try and get official confirmation about the unmetered status of Foxtel on Xbox, and will let you know when they get back to us. In the meantime, I might start paying closer attention to BigPond's broadband plans now...

[Thanks Ben!]

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