Apple Products Get Chopped, Shot, Smashed And Burned

Apple Products Get Chopped, Shot, Smashed And Burned

What does Michael Tompert against Apple? Probably nothing! He’s just an artist who happens to have spectacularly destroyed a whole bunch of Apple products for his new art exhibit. Above: a sledgehammered iPhone 4 and a neatly sliced Magic Mouse.

Tompert’s show, 12LVE, opens tonight at San Francisco’s Live Worms Gallery. It’s a collaboration with photographer Paul Fairchild, who shot the gadgets in typical gadget-porn fashion (up close, against a stark white background), allowing viewers to get intimate with the destruction.

Cult of Mac has some of the exhibition’s excellent images:

“Breathe,” a 2008 MacBook Air shot with a 9mm Heckler & Koch handgun.

“Must Have,” an iPhone 4 smashed with a 8 lb Sledge Maul.

“Magic Trick,” a Magic Mouse cut by a handsaw.

And that’s only a taste. Check out dismembered iPod Nanos, incinerated iPads and more over at Cult of Mac. [CultofMac]