Apple Bans Android Magazine From The App Store

It's not that surprising (given previous bans), but Apple recently rejected a small Danish Android magazine app from the App Store. It's unlikely that many people would've bought the magazine in the first place, which makes it an odd-ish ban.

According to the CEO of Mediaprovider, a small magazine publisher based in Denmark, Apple didn't let his magazine about Android become available in the App Store. According to him, his conversation with Apple went like this:

"So what's the problem?" Dixon asked, knowing full well what the problem was.

"You know... your magazine," replied the Apple rep, who identified himself only as Richard. "It's just about Android.... we can't have that in our App Store."

If they had approved it, it's likely no one would even know about it. But now that it's banned, it's almost free publicity for the magazine. [Media Watch via Fortune]



    can you imagine if google removed apple related search results

      I'd actually like to see them do it - just for 24 hours - as a kinf of protest. It would be fantastic to see how many less hits Apple sites get in the time.

      If Google began manipulating their search results for personal gain and not merely a reasonable level of censorship, I think I'd be jumping boat pretty quick given their use as a search engine would be diminished.

    While I'm not defending Apple here, the only evidence showing any of this actually happened is the word of some no name developer talking about some conversation that may have occurred at some point in time with some Apple employee called "Richard". Real convincing.

    and we complain about the possible internet filter...

      If I don't like the App Store policy I can buy another phone (or jailbreak). If I don't like the governments filtering short of jumping country there's nothing I can do...

      Not that I like Apples policies when it comes to the store...hell I've said in the past they should possibly be taken to court over it but a government level censorship scheme to me is much worse.

    things like that should really go to court

    Wouldn't this be the definition of anti-competitive?

    Just seems kind of odd, Android is Linux, and I buy Linux User and Developer magazine through the app store, sounds bogus to me...

      Sure but "Linux" itself isn't competing with Apple for consumer mindshare..."Android" is. No one talks about buying a "Linux phone". I wouldn't put it past Apple TBH.

    And in other news, scientists discover that water quenches your thirst.

    People should take a walk out of of Apple's walled garden occasionally, because they're warping reality something awful in there.

    Sounds like SOMEBODY is afraid of a little competition...

    What's the difference between God and doctors? God doesn't think he's Steve Jobs.

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