App Deals Of The Day

App Deals Of The Day

Apps, apps, they’re good for the heart. The more you buy, the more you… save! (As long as you got them from app dealz, that is.)

Free Apps

Boxcar (iPhone) for $0 (normally $US2.49)
iPerformanceCoach (iPhone) for $0 (normally $2.49)
ABC Magnets (iPhone) for $0 (normally $2.49)
Hardest Game (iPhone) for $0 (normally $2.49)
FaceMan (iPhone) for $0 (normally $2.49)
BeatStrip (iPhone) for $0 (normally $3.99)
Talking Tubby (iPhone) for $0 (normally $1.19)
Calculator for the iPad (iPad) for $0 (normally $2.49)

Gossip for $0
Bang Balls (Beta) for $0
Droid Tesla for $0

Paid Apps

Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island (iPhone) for $1.19 (normally $3.99)
Task Banger for $1.19 (normally $2.49)
ColorBlast! (iPhone) for $1.19 (normally $2.49)
FaceSpy – A Very Discreet Spy Cam (iPhone) App for $1.19 (normally $2.49)
The Mysterious Past of Gregory Phoenix (iPad) for $1.19 (normally $4.99)
iPACROSS (iPad) for $1.19 (normally $5.99)
The Stone of Destiny HD (iPad) for $1.19 (normally $4.99)
GT Racing: Motor Academy HD (iPad) App for $1.19 (normally $7.99)

QuickDial for $3.94 (normally $4.22)
Droid Mini Golf – PRO for $2.06 (normally $3.09)
FingerPop for Android for $3.08 (normally $4.11)
Extreme Note Pro for $1.14

If you’ve discovered an awesome app deal please feel free to share in the comments below.