Amaysim Phone Network Promises Amazing Prices (Using Optus' Network)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators are nothing new in Australia, but the newest one certainly seems to be offering a good deal. Amaysim (it's supposed to be pronounced like "amazing", apparently) has just launched in Australia, and promises contract-free connectivity with all national calls costing 15 cents per minute with no flagfall and SMS messages costing just 12 cents.

The lack of flagfall charges is especially appealing, as is the flat rate of 15 cents per minute to any Australian number on any network. You can also opt for both prepaid and postpaid payment options. The catch is that Amaysim are using Optus' 3G network, which some would argue is already rather crowded and not helped by MVNO arrangements with companies like Virgin Mobile.

Still, data charged at 5 cents per MB, and available to purchase a 1GB data bolt on to prepaid for $10, the rates are really good. Also welcome is the promise that the company has a locally based customer service centre.

You can get the Amaysim starter SIM card pack for $2 at 7/11 stores, Woolworths, Harvey Norman and Caltex service stations. It sounds like a pretty good deal pricing wise - the question will be whether Optus is up to speed to handle another MVNO using their network.



    Can't find anywhere with Amaysim how much calls to mobiles are.

    I was referring to the Amaysim prepaid As You Go plan.

    I am really impressed with Amaysim. I pay $39.90 a month and I get unlimited calls to all Australian numbers and get over 4GB of data. Also customer service is based in Australia. Also you are not locked into a contract, however if Amaysim keeps the offers they are offerin g, I'll probably never change providers. Network is on the optus 3G network. Not as good as Telstra but it has pretty good coverage.

    The only thing that I am annoyed with my mobile is that to break my vodaphone contract they want me to oay double than what is left on the contract. I really want to break my vodapone contract as there are people who have that number that I don;t want to contact me.

    If your phone company is better than this one JUST stay with them, if not change I think it is a wonderful deal :)

    Hi there I have been with Amaysim now for 4 years and found they are really great, i pay $39.90 for the month and get unlimited calls and text and 4gb data every month I have found it to be a hell of a lot cheaper then Telstra. they have now put up there rate to $44.90 a month but you get 5gb data which i don't even use all of it but its good to have none the less.
    If Telstra or any of the other companies did something just as good i think they would get a lot more people coming back to them.
    I used to be with Telstra and paid $40 every 2 weeks for credit and had to watch how i spend my time on calls but since being with Amaysim I don't have to worry.
    Guys & Girls give them a go i haven't looked back since being with them.

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