All Avatar Blu-Ray Owners Get Extended Edition Material Over BD-Live

Finally, I think we've found a use for BD-Live that won't just fade away like a stupid quiz or a georestricted, one-time-only commentary from the film's director. 20th Century Fox have announced that anyone who owns the vanilla version of Avatar on Blu-ray will get access to some of the exclusive material being released with the extended edition of the film hitting stores on November 24. For free.

There's a heap of scenes that will be made available to download over the coming weeks in the buildup to the Extended Edition release - here's the full rundown:

Grandma’s Teylu: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene 2006 Art Reel Excerpt Driving Range: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene Acting in the Volume: Excerpt from documentary Drums of War (full version): Never Before Seen Deleted Scene Scene Deconstruction: Demonstration “What did happen”: Excerpt from the Collector’s Extended Cut

If you were holding out for the extended edition anyway, Fox have also promised some bonus BD-Live content for the new version when it gets released later this month. It's good to see the power of the interwebs finally being harnessed for Blu-ray users.

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