Acer’s Tablet Assault: An ‘Entire Family’ Of Tablets

Acer’s Tablet Assault: An ‘Entire Family’ Of Tablets

Acer has announced that they’re taking on its tablet competitors head-on, with an “entire family” of tablets – including a dual-screen concept. And a platform-neutral app and music store of its own.

Acer’s promising a consistent user experience across all devices, independent of platform – which implies the tablets we’ll see today will be a mix of Android and Windows. But first up: the dual-screen Iconia tablet


Iconia is netbook-type product running Windows 7, with a second screen where you’d normally expect a keyboard (like a larger version of Toshiba’s Libretto). If you put both hands on top of the display, a virtual keyboard automatically appears, anticipating your needs. There are gesture controls as well for easy interaction with the system.

Android Devices

There’s also a Streak-like 5-inch phone that gives a full web experience:

Acer’s pushing unified devices with what they’re calling Basically, when you download content it’ll be available on all devices. It’s a way to stream media across over Wi-Fi – it automatically discovers connected devices and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to spread your media around.


Any Acer device can access Alive, although obviously HD content will be of limited use to older phones.