88 Percent Of Aussie Internet Users Buy Stuff Online

According to a report released today by the ACMA, "88 per cent of household internet users undertaking one or more e-commerce activities and 69 per cent purchasing at least one good or service in the last six months". I'm glad I'm not a retail franchisee at the moment...

According to the study, travel goods and services were the most popular purchases online (56 percent), followed by concerts, events or movie tickets (43 percent) and trailed by household items, including computers and other home-related gadgetry (47 percent). Unsurprisingly, young people bought more stuff online than old people, while convenience was the number one reason for buying using a mouse rather than cash.

Of course, none of this is overly surprising, although it's does make me wonder about whether these statistics translate to the Gizmodo audience. What kind of stuff do you buy online? Gadgets? Or just incidental things? Is there a maximum spend you won't go over when buying online? Let us know in comments.

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