12 Mildly Ridiculous Portable Record Players

The idea of a "portable record player" is fairly ludicrous - what's portable about having to lug around large, breakable shellac discs? These gramophones may not fit in your pocket like an iPod, but they sure do got style.

A circa 1956 portable receiver and record player from Metz.

1920s Peter Pan Picnic Gramophone, featuring a telescopic horn and a fold out platter.

A pocket phonograph from 1924.

The RCA Victor Special Model K, Portable Electric Phonograph.

A 1950s in-car record player.

A WWII US Army Special Services Field Crank Phonograph.

Jehovah's witness Kameraphone, a portable phonograph. They were called Kameraphones because they looked like box cameras, and were imported from Europe and used by Jehova's witnesses to play bible discourses while doing their rounds.

1926 Swiss Made Mignonphone, which translates to "cutephone" in French.

A portable USB record player from Charlie Pyott Design - a modern take on an old concept.

A Handy Travel Record Player of unknown origin.

The Baird Emerson Wondergram, 1960.

A 1930s 6-inch portable gramophone called the Mikki Phone.

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