12 Gravity-Defying Videos Of The Real-Life Spider-Man

12 Gravity-Defying Videos Of The Real-Life Spider-Man

Afraid of heights? These may not be the videos for you. Alain Robert, the real-life Spider-Man, scales towering monuments across the globe – sans ropes, or security of any kind, for that matter. Don’t slip, dude!

The Montparnasse Tower in Paris.

Stopping for a drink on the Petronas Twin Towers.

The Torre Agbar of Barcelona, Spain.

The Four Seasons, Hong Kong.

150m National Telecommunications building tower in Abu Dhabi, which Alain scaled in 20 minutes.

At the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Chicago’s Sears Tower.

The Italy Building, Sao Paulo.

Citi Tower in Jakarta.

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai.

Skyper Scyscraper of Frankfurt, Germany.

This guy is a YouTube legend. He’s climbing the New York Times building in NYC in the video up top. If you’d like more sky-high action, check out 15 skyscrapers that will never see the light of day, unbelievable Arabian monoliths, the many towers of Babel, or some remarkable accidental masterpieces – cooling towers. [Oobject]