Wouldn’t Your Life Be Better With A Self-Balancing Unicycle?

Wouldn’t Your Life Be Better With A Self-Balancing Unicycle?

Riding a unicycle takes a lot of talent and effort. Riding a self-balancing unicycle is a piece of cake. And, given the strength of the Aussie dollar at the moment, surprisingly affordable.

Using a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes and balancing algorithms, the SBU V2.0 from Focus Designs takes all the hard work out of unicycling – just lean forward to accelerate and lean back to brake. The 1000W motor and lithium-ion nano-phosphate battery combine to give you a range of about 19km, with a top speed of about 16km/h. Regenerative braking helps extend the battery life when you slow down, and it takes about two hours to completely charge. The unicycle weighs 13kg, which is certainly light enough to carry around with you.

But the best thing about the SBU V2.0 is the price. It costs just $US1499, and the guys from Focus Designs will ship the thing to Australia for $US199, making the whole thing cost about $1712 at the current exchange rate.

Now I just need to convince the wife that a self-balancing unicycle is an investment, not an expense…

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