When Is A Yo-Yo Not A Yo-Yo? When It Costs $US5,000

That's not even a joke. Not only will it set you back the price of a car, but you'll have to wait six months for it to land on your doorstep, too. I guess they are hand-made in Japan, but still...

Shinobu Konmoto is an ex-world champion yo-yo builder who's made his name by winning many modding competitions, where he fashions his yo-yos out of unusual materials. In this case, the 'Nostalgia' yo-yo has been modeled after his winning 2007 design, so I guess if you have the requisite skillz but just need the right medium, then this is probably it.

Though really, in my eyes a yo-yo should be something that cost two bucks max, and came from a gas station. [Nostalgia via SPGRA via OhGizmo]

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