What Is Apple's Mission Control?

Apple's consolidating some of its key OS features - Exposé, Dashboard, fullscreen apps and Spaces - into something called Mission Control. It's a fancier Expose, and it's perfect for multitouch gestures, with all the various open programs displayed.

It's a fancier Exposé...

As you probably know, Exposé has been saving people's time since OS X Panther (way back in 2003, would you believe). Mission Control builds on that technology and actually incorporates Exposé to highlight all open programs.

...it consolidates everything...

Not only does it unify Exposé, but it also brings in Dashboard, Spaces and those fullscreen apps Apple's now going to be selling (and giving away for free) via the Mac App Store. You can navigate to any part of your Mac instantly.

...and it'll be darn handy for apps too...

Possibly the best part is that it'll group similar apps together. I've a feeling apps on Mac will be a big business, so being able to see stacks of similar apps (all the gaming ones together, for example), is going to cut down time for sure.

...though we have to wait a while for it.

Unfortunately, it's a long wait - it's going to be part of OS X Lion, which is out mid 2011. How much time is Mission Control going to save you, and how much do you love that name? It'll make computing feel all James Bond-y.

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