What Are You Willing To Pay For IPTV On-Demand?

Foxtel today announced their new IPTV On-Demand video service for iQ2 has gone live. Announced back in August, it's a deeper service than Foxtel previously had on offer, which is good news for those looking for more variety when you just want to watch exactly what you want to watch.

Angus over at Lifehacker has focused his latest Planhacker column on comparing the on-demand video pricing in the local market. Sadly, prices are very closely aligned across services right now, but hopefully with increased competition comes some, well, some gesture to the idea that these services aren't all just bowing to the exact price requirements of the copyright holders (yeah, I can dream, right?)

So what do you think? Would you rather go get a better deal from your local video store? Or are some of these prices starting to tempt you?

[Planhacker on Lifehacker]

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