What Are You Willing To Pay For IPTV On-Demand?

Foxtel today announced their new IPTV On-Demand video service for iQ2 has gone live. Announced back in August, it's a deeper service than Foxtel previously had on offer, which is good news for those looking for more variety when you just want to watch exactly what you want to watch.

Angus over at Lifehacker has focused his latest Planhacker column on comparing the on-demand video pricing in the local market. Sadly, prices are very closely aligned across services right now, but hopefully with increased competition comes some, well, some gesture to the idea that these services aren't all just bowing to the exact price requirements of the copyright holders (yeah, I can dream, right?)

So what do you think? Would you rather go get a better deal from your local video store? Or are some of these prices starting to tempt you?

[Planhacker on Lifehacker]

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    The problem here is, many people who would initially take advantage of this idea, already do, via alternative means.

    They are going to have to over good/high quality, some sort of cache (so I can cache the streams as they download for viewing when they are done, is I'm not putting up with stuttering streams), a very good collection of content not easily sourced from alternative sources and re-watchability. Lets face it, if you download it, your likely to want to re-watch it few times

    $15 a month. as long is its HD and video on demand and shows are available with in an hour of them being shown on tv any ware in the world (many the us and uk)
    Thats the dream

    If they offered their sports channels on a stand alone, reasonably priced plan, I would jump at it. I won't hold my breath though.

    I'd like to be able to opt-in on shows currently airing, $40/season of a 'premium' show like Mad Men seems fair as long as I can see it within an hour of it airing for the first time wherever it is in the world, in full 1080p HD & access it for a few weeks after. You are competing with the *excellent* scene groups that release high quality rips extremely quickly on bittorrent - so the quality and promptness of it's availability are my #1 concern if I'm going to pay any money.

    Shows like 'How I met your mother' etc? Not really willing to pay.

    the iq2 should be wifi capable - trailing an ethernet cable - from the computer room, would be inconvenient.

    I'm extremely interested in my provider, iiNet, Fetch2 service.
    Only problem being it's not available at my exchange in the WA metro area. Shame, I much prefer that service over more popular online options.

    IPTV will only be for those able to get ADSL2+ speeds or higher ... and that's not everyone since we have alot of areas in this country and icluding CBD areas that can't get those speeds - alot of these areas are No ports for ADSL1 and even if they can get a port it's only even going to be ADSL1 as they are NOT upgrading the infrastructure ...and then there;s a heap of people stuck behind technology like CMUX units that have no ports and are stuck on dialup speeds lower that 36K ...(I know I was stuck at those speeds for neaerly a year) ...

    IPTV will not be viable unless the speeds and network are way better than they are right now...and your gonna have to wait more that 8 yrs for NBN ....

    I already spend a lot on IPTV (but I don't use one single service for it).

    I use NHL GameCenter (US$160 per year) which gives me live access to every game of hockey of the year—I pay for it because it's live and awesome, and because it's extremely affordable.

    I watch a lot of iView and Plus7 thanks to the PS3 integration and quality of programming (plus it's free, of course).

    If the quality was great, the downloads were unmetred with TPG (or they upgraded me to unlimited), the programming was chosen by me based on my interests, I'd consider up to $30 per month.

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