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In this week's super-spooky app roundup: Sudoko, complicated; your friends, turned into Justin Bieber; Angry Birds, made angrier and spookier; Yojimbo and Victoria's Secret, playing nice with your iPad; your tweets, mashed-up with Mario; and so much more!


Angry Birds Halloween: Just in time to help you put off making your Halloween costume, Angry Birds Halloween has arrived in the App Store, boasting 45 new spooky levels. I look forward to the Angry Birds Easter, myself. $1.19.

BieberHair: Jesus loves Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber feels that he is the Kurt Cobain of his generation. Little he knew that Steve Jobs feels like the Justin Bieber of his generation. The good news: Now you can feel like him too, with the BieberHair application.

I know Jobs will find it disgusting that it's available for iPhone and Android, but who cares. All that matters is that a) I can feel like a teen star without having to use spandex and b) Kim Jong Il loves it!


Super Twario: Kat, Twitter liker and Mario lover, says

It may not have as much functionality as Tweetie, but does your Twitter app let you jump through a tweet timeline like you're playing a Mario platformer? For $2.49, you're getting a Twitter client and Game Center-enabled game.

Running in a similar landscape format as Plurk and iStreamer, the tweets glide by horizontally in the Super Twario world, where you can create tweets, reply and retweet. Everything you do inside the app lets you rack up and unlock scores and achievements, which are transferred to Game Center.

Controls including tapping to jump, swiping to run faster, and using the accelerometer you can tilt the iPhone to guide your playable character Twario through the various tweets if you want to actually, you know, read them.

This could be the best $2.49 you ever spend on the App Store, and it almost makes me wish I had an iPhone. Almost.


Family Doctor: Jason plays Doctor:

Doctor visits are expensive. What if you could do a simple self-diagnosis whilst playing the most depressing Choose Your Own Adventure game? Family Doctor is the app for you. $6 on iTunes.


Kuboku: Oh boy. Sudoku in three dee. Solve it again, Sam:

A new iOS app offers a new take on the popular brain-busting sudoku puzzles by slapping on an extra dimension. The same rules as traditional sudoku apply, but now you have to fill in an entire cube. My cranium aches.

The numbered cube can be rotated and zoomed in on, but let's face it, no degree of interface gracefulness is going to make this any easier on your poor brain. But for those of you who laugh at the simple newspaper sudoku puzzles of mortals, this is your next step up - and $2.49 for 1000 levels sure isn't a bad deal.

$2.49 and a headache.

Monster Meter: Parents who a) want to use the immutable authority of technology to reassure their kids there are no boogymen hiding in their bedrooms or b) want to use the same to scare the beejesus out of their kids by locating a boogyman in the room... there's an app for that! $1.19.

Craft Beer App: There's a lot of good craft beer out there. An overwhelming amount, really! Thankfully there's the stylish new Craft Beer App that has descriptions of different brews, pairings with various foods and the ability to rate your favorites. App responsibly! $1.19.


Victoria's Secret: Jesus liked it so much he made this video. It left him with these questions:

• How the hell did this ton of softcore porn pass Apple's stupid censorship rules? Are girls in lingerie OK when you want iPad users to buy lingerie?

• How many iPad users downloading the app are actually going to buy lingerie using this fapp-fapp?

• Does Apple get a cut on every bra and garter belt sold? (Just joking. Kind of. Hmmm...)

• When is Victoria's Secret actually going to sell lingerie that is not crap?

Free, so get to it.

Yojimbo for iPad: Says Matt, Yojimbo's number one fan:

I loved Yojimbo - a collect-everything app for Mac - a lot. It stores anything from bookmarks to software serial numbers to images. But it's totally local database stuck on your Mac. I wanted portability. Now there's Yojimbo for iPad.

It's a companion app for the desktop Yojimbo that syncs over Wi-Fi, so you can go through all of your data on the iPad and share it. Unfortunately it'only at the moment, so you can't create new Yojimbo items. I'm still waiting for a version that's a little more cloud-oriented so it's backed up and I can use and access it on any Mac or from my iPad or iPhone, but this is a nice first step.


Etch-a-Sketch HD: The wait is over! Now your kids, like you before them, can have the frustration of not being able to draw circles. Kat, sketch us a picture:

Considering the iPad is the perfect size for creating artwork your mummy would've stuck on the fridge 20 years ago, it's surprising it's taken this long for an official Etch A Sketch HD app. Those wasted Etch A Sketch cases...

Sure, iPhone users have been twiddling knobs for years, but finally iPad owners can do the app justice. Not only can you create sketches from scratch, but you can even import your own pics from the Photo Album and draw all over them - then upload them to your Facebook profile. It's $4, but be careful when shaking the iPad clean.

PLEXXR: A neat puzzle game with an extraterrestrial twist. The puzzles themselves are good and well but it's the ambiance - super slick alien graphics and animations and a fitting soundtrack make it a pretty immersive experience. I always feel like I'm in the future when I'm using my iPad anyway, so it might as well be a future where I'm chillin' with some aliens solvin' some puzzles. $2.49.


Reckless Racing: The recently released, top-down racing game just missed our App Battle, but it definitely would have placed had we gotten our hands on it sooner. Even though the game is played from a bird's eye view, the graphics are stellar and it's pretty damn addictive. Just watch the game trailer and you'll be hooked. ~$3.05.

Documents to Go 3.0: It's a free update for Docs to Go users and ~$16 for those who've yet to pay up. Docs to Go 3.0 brings a brand new interface that looks great. It also offers Google Docs support, a better file browser and desktop syncing. If you need to handle documents and Office-type files on the go, Docs to Go gives more features and does it better than the competition.

On The Fly: The best way to book flights is to stick with one airline and fly the hell out of them. The second best way? Compare flight costs against every airline and go for the cheapest option everytime. On The Fly does that second best way really well. Basically you plug in your flight info (dates, times, airports), and it'll spit back a neat and tidy chart with all the airlines that meets your requests. The downside is that after all that comparison shopping, you'll have to book the ticket with the airline itself as On The Fly doesn't provide a booking service. Free.

Winamp: WTF, Winamp? It's still alive! Winamp brings me back to teenage memories of listening to music downloaded from Napster, 56k modems and beige boxes. Sam I am Biddle, fondly remembers his Winamp days too, but says the Android app (still in beta) is much improved:

This isn't the bare bones MP3 player you probably knew way back - the beta boasts sophisticated features. Winamp on Android will, for instance, allow for wireless syncing with your computer's library, let you fully control it via widget and offers scrobbling support for you fans.

I'm going to use it just so I can say I gots the Winamp on my Android phone, yos.

YouTube: A update to YouTube on Android 2.2 gives users a fresh app to get their video on. Kat sends out the PSA:

A quick reminder to all Android 2.2 users to update the official YouTube app. They'll see the new UI (it looks much cleaner), a personalised home screen, better controls, and if you rotate the phone when playing a video, it switches to fullscreen playback.

Really does look a lot better.

Logitech Harmony: Google TV is pretty damn exciting, but there's no way in hell I'm going to be using ridiculous remotes like Sony's. Luckily, Logitech is looking out for me by delivering a sweet Harmony-powered Android app for the Logitech Revue. It's a companion remote app (which requires a Revue) that turns your Android phone into a full-fledged remote. I'm going to love it, because I always lose the damned remote but never my phone.

We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments.

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