This Is What Steve Jobs Means When He Says Android Is F*cked Up

I agree with Steve Jobs when he says that Android is a complete mess when it comes to OS maintenance and developers targeting and testing for different models. This chart shows why, even when TweetDeck developers don't agree with him.

But no matter what Tweetdeck developers say, the fragmentation of the OS is still worrying. True, these charts show the wealth of custom software and mods developed by users—it's amazing there are so many—so they're not totally 1:1 depicting Android's fragmentation. The problems are there though. New phones are still going out the door with old, outdated software. Carriers and other companies are developing alternative Android app stores. Carriers are ruining phones with bloatware and bad software. It's actually hard to get a phone running a clean version of Android the way Google intended it.

As a user, I prefer to sacrifice the superficial and truly horrible customisation that all these phones offer - or rather, inflict on the user - in favour of a single approach, like Apple or Microsoft's.

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