This Desk Is Cooler Than Yours Because It's A 58-inch iPhone

Whether owning a "Table Connect" would make you awesome or something of a douchebag is probably a matter of taste. But there's no doubt it's technically impressive - taking input from your iPhone to create a fully touch-functional, desk-sized replica.

I'm sure that once you look past the absurdity of the thing there are probably some legitimate work uses you could think up for using an enormous iPhone as your desk. But right now, all I can think about is playing humongous Angry Birds. With my face. [Table Connect via Engadget]


    Im going with the "iSlab"

    You could use the piano keyboard app, but have a full sized keyboard. Even better, you could have another keyboard on the other side, and sit across from your double piano duet partner.
    Or foosball.
    It would be great if it could be tilted into a big screen TV.

    I like the piano idea, just need to get the guy to make an app for that.

    Also why a table? The funniest thing that you turned an oversized iphone into a table? I was thinking of having it on the wall, and can rotate and shit like as if you can use it as your TV lawl.

    Actually IDK, it's such a massive device

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