This Could Be California's First Pot Factory

The best of California's medical marijuana dispensaries are clean, safe and polished. The places that grow their weed are not. This proposed pot factory would produce $US50 million of weed annually in a super sterile, eco-friendly environment. Sounds good to me.

The 5500sqm factory is part of a proposal by Gropech, a non-profit group that's hoping to get a permit from the Oakland City Council in coming months. Talking to The Atlantic, co-founder Derek Peterson pointed out that California legitimised the sale of marijuana while leaving its production to illicit farms and repurposed garages.

The laws in California were sort of backward because they addressed retail sales before wholesale production...It would be like if you built a bunch of liquor stores, and only afterward built distilleries.

Thus, Gropech contends, California's medical cannabis is hardly medical, potentially containing pesticides, bugs or mould that could be harmful to users (try not to dwell on that the next time you're medicating.) Gropech says their factory will be built to "medical laboratory standards", which they pronounce "lab-or-a-tory", ensuring healthy weed that actually deserves the distinction of being called medicine. Oakland City Council, make this happen. [The Atlantic]

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