This $38,900 Pool Table Would Look Great In The Gizmodo Office

There's something both completely wrong and yet subtly beautiful about glass-topped pool tables. And while last year's G1 from Aussie company Nottage Design was both stylish and expensive, its fancy design was a pale comparison to this year's model, the G4.

Where the G1 used metal runners to collect sunken balls, the G4 uses a slightly sloped second layer of glass, so it looks like the balls are gently floating back to the base of the table. Like the G1, the surface is reinforced glass with Nottage Design's patented Vitrik surface to mimic the ball's performance on traditional felt.

The G4 is worth a whopping $38,900, but has the ability to double as an all purpose table - it can double as a dining table if you're short on space. Although if you can afford nearly 40 grand for a pool table, space probably isn't a problem for you.

[Nottage Design]

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