These Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Are Made From Rubbish

Four months after boasting of vacuums made from recycled sea junk, Electrolux now has five colourful cleaners to show off. They're made from 70 per cent recycled plastics, with each cleaner's design representing the ocean the rubbish came from.

Under the paint job and recycled plastic outers is the same guts as their Ultra One Green model, which costs about $US250.

The stories of how each cleaner was made is really interesting, with the different forms of rubbish leading the design. The North Sea cleaner for example (the far left one), was created mostly from detergent bottles, cans and plastic buckets, and cut up into small circular tokens that were then woven into fibreglass and moulded. For the Baltic Sea one (on the far-right) the shape of the objects was kept - you can make out a flip flop, bottle tops and ice cream wrappers.

Unfortunately the clean-up job is so vast that Electrolux is selling just one of the vacuum cleaners (auctioning it off with the proceeds going towards researching how to best gather the plastics), so I presume the lucky auction winner gets to choose whether they want a cleaner made from rubbish from the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, or the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

A sixth model made from plastic from the Atlantic Sea is being made too and will join the other five on a "world tour" to spread Electrolux's eco-friendly message. [Electrolux]

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