There's A USB Stick In The Brick Wall

Across New York, there are USB drives embedded in walls, buildings and curbs. The idea is to create an anonymous, offline file-sharing network in public space. The drives are completely public and anyone can plug in to drop and download files.

Seriously, you can plug the USB drive into your laptop. Like this guy.

It's part of an art project called "Dead Drops" by Aram Bartholl and I have to say, it's pretty awesomely creative. I mean, if I saw a USB stick stick out of a random wall, I'd be dying to know what's in there. I'd have to plug in. It'd also be interesting to see what people would anonymously share on the public drive, well, until some jackass decides to upload a virus to screw up everybody's computer. [Dead Drops via MAKE]


    Theres a "virus" stick in the brick wall

    Forget it, no way would I plug my laptop into this.

    It's like a "glory" hole for laptops..

      "It’s like a “glory” hole for laptops.."

      LMAO. That is so true. I'm a little freaked out right now.


      Only the dirtiest of the dirty, enjoy sharing like that.

        Glory hole.... lulz.

        Don't need o wory about viruses or porn if it's a fire wall.

    What if you fire rate that brick wall...??

    How stupid!

      Not as stupid as the havoc wreaked by various American presidents (J Kennedy, R Nixon, G Bush, F Roosevelt).

      Not nearly as stupid as Americans who run up a multi-trillion dollar debt to the 'poor' Asian countries.

      Not nearly as stupid as us Aussies who actually think we live in a democracy.

      Not nearly as stupid as the Indians when they nearly screwed their commonwealth games.

        ok then... thats... umm

        That blast came outta nowhere!


        Sup, troll i see what your doin there ಠ_ಠ

        Isn't it obvious that Bombie here's simply pointing out that when you call something stupid, you'd need to logically state WHY it is so?

        And Bombie's pointed out stuff that's obviously stupid.

        I actually think that this is a great concept though not practical, but have to agree with bombie - it's not exactly 'stupid'. It's impractical.

        There's a difference. Perhaps you guys should consider perspective.

        I disagree. Its stupid because I could take advantage of that to wipe any PC you connected to that in a few minutes. Im sure others could do much better. Neat idea, but stupid.

    2 or 3 uses and the end will get snapped off
    Also a sharp metal things sticking out of walls etc.
    I'd Hate to have my name associated with that...
    Not very well conceived

    This is terrifying. There's no goddamn way I'd risk plugging my PC into that thing. Also, LOL @ Ward Paterson for the glory hole comment! that's awesome.

    the local pc store sells refurbished laptops for $75. Most of these being perfect for this kind of job. Who cares if it has a virus on a cruddy pc running the basics.
    Curiosity problem solved. Now you can download all the viral ads from the stick you could possibly want.
    Because you know that's all it will be. The butter of creativity in this day and age is a hard thing to come by when it's easier to spread margarine.

    bad concept in terms of safety, what the rain could do to Flash chips etc.

    One must remember that this entire excercise is based on the assumption that people'll carry laptops along to plug'em into USB 'Wall-drives'.

    This assumption is based on our current lifestyles... ring a bell?

    that's right. Stop carrying a silly piece of silicon that costs enough to feed your family for a couple of months.

    Instead, try carrying a sensible girl/boy, and stick something a little warmer into her/find out what's on his 'stick'.

    This is the same theory that could be used to explain how I got AIDS

    I too thought "Glory Hole" when I saw this thing. No way I'm sticking my laptop over one of these. It's the same reason I don't poke my junk into every hole in a street wall.

    Also, this is incredibly fickle leaving USB ports to the open air and environments. Or some mean kid with a tube of liquid cement, oops!

    theyre gonna be full of: viruses, loggers, pr0n, dodgy illegal pr0n, and dirt in no time

      i bet the porn is worth it though, i'm thinking you would get some weird ass shit off of one of those USBs

    isnt that bre petis who makes the makerbot?

    I wonder if it is really a USB drive and not a USB cable connected to a drive on the other side of the wall? Anyone care to post the contents of the readme file online? Would be nice to know what the project was about for those of us that are not New Yorkers. And how long before USB sticks in walls are outlawed after the RIAA successfully lobbies for the new law?

      a USB cable connected to a drive on the other side of the wall?
      Naah! It goes straight to 110V mains

    What, you don't carry around a disposable netbook you bought with cash and installed secure multiverse Ubuntu on for just such an occasion?

    I would totally plug my pc into that :)

    Hmmm. On Shells and BombShells...

    The BombShell does have a point. In the light of some really stupid things, a random USB port sticking out of a wall does seem rather sane.

    For instance, we Americans are supposedly a democracy, but most of us don't vote, and those of us that do, vote for the (rich) scum of society.

    now THAT's stupid. USB drives sticking out of a wall? Silly, perhaps, entertaining - maybe, curious - certainly. But stupid? Probably not.

    BombShell = KnowURLangauge = TruthHurts

    Quite obviously the same person.

    the practicality of it is that it would degrade over time but the concept of share the information
    and not have it suppressed is smart. virus's well don't we put ourselves at risk everyday on the net with Trojans, ad ware, and the sort, so your virus scanner would detect it anyway if there was something malicious. but not knowing the truth would be scarier.

    If you just want a peek of what's inside, load up a VM and have your usb port load into it. That way if there is any nastiness on the drive, no harm.

    Or use non-persistent linux boot...

    Or you could make the usb port read only. Just dont copy anything to your pc...

    Now I've found out what to do with that Raspberry Pi and a Linux installation... feels so cyberpunk

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