The School From The Beginning Of Serenity Actually Exists In Indonesia

Sunlight. A tropical breeze blowing across your hands as you take down notes. The Green School is a far cry from the windowless, prison-like schools that I attended growing up. I bet this school churns out creative, telepathic geniuses.

The Green School, which stretches across the Ayung River in Bali, is built of bamboo, a sustainable material. The campus is powered by alternative energy sources like solar panels, a bamboo sawdust hot water system, and a water-powered vortex generator.

The campus has all the features of a typical school: classrooms, bathrooms, gym, assembly areas, and offices, as well as faculty housing and cafes. The open, airy, multi-story structures are designed to inspire curiosity and make students more passionate about the environment. [ArchDaily]

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