The Robotic Sentinels Guarding The Largest Nuke Site In The US

Fully automated robots now guard the Nevada National Security Site, in which the military exploded over a thousand nukes, including the largest atmospheric nuclear test in the history of continental United States. They are called the MDARS.

The robotic sentinels are completely autonomous, capable of identifying human intruders as well as detecting broken points in the site's perimeter. In fact, these diesel-powered centaurs can operate for a maximum of 16 hours, which give them plenty of capacity to patrol the most extreme corners of the 2200km facility, which includes 28 areas, 1100 buildings and over 1000km of roads, as well as 10 heliports and two airstrips.

When the MDARS find an anomaly, they alert their human masters. However, it's not hard to imagine these metal beasts equipped with non-lethal weaponry in the near future. [NNSA via Wired]

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