The NBA Banned This Shoe For Being Too Awesome

For the first time ever, the NBA has banned a sneaker for creating an "unfair competitive advantage." So wait—does this mean Heelys are kosher?

Athletic Propulsion Labs is saying that its Concept 1 kicks have been disallowed in competition for the 2010-2011 season, supposedly for boosting your vertical leap. According to APL co-founder Ryan Goldston:

"The Load ‘N Launch device is implanted in a cavity in the forefoot of the shoe and serves as a ‘launch pad' by taking the energy exerted by the player and increasing lift with the aid of an intricate, spring-based propulsion system."

The NBA had previously banned Nike Air Jordans 25 years ago, but that was for flashy design rather than performance enhancement.

Fortunately, as of this writing they're still legal at the pickup game down the street. Although for $US300, they'd have to have actual rocket boosters on the heels. [Businesswire]

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