The Anti-Smartphone

Did John just out-simplify the Jitterbug by designing a phone that looks straight out of the late 1990s? Seems so:

Called John's Phone, this concept is as bare bones as they come. Take too quick a glance and you might confuse it with a beeper.

The "address book" is a pad of paper and a pen. There is no text messaging. There is no calendar. No Angry Birds will be exacting their airborne revenge on its LCD display. Apple, Android and Windows 7 fanboys will not bicker over its specs in cleverly named smartphone forums.

Just simple, no-nonsense phone calls at a level of complexity just above the venerable two cans and a string.

Conveniently, John's made a compartment in the back to store the address book pad:

So forward thinking! [Walyou via technabob]



    When can I line up for it?

    there would actually be pretty big market for this.
    The elderly would love a handset like this. Phones on the lower end, easy to use are lacking in the market these days. not everyone wants a touchscreen more powerful that your home pc.

    still gone be overpriced with Telstra's plans

    Too many buttons! All those things on the side...

    probably could have managed to enable it to do sms without much issue... interesting nonetheless.

    Sorry, expecting a call from 1983

    Needs a base station and curly cable.

    Looks like it would be quite a challenge to dial a number from the address book (without physically removing the paper). Maybe they should have labelled the keypad digits in mirror image text!

    That'll take us back to 1985 Doc!

    What we need now are simple plans aimed at telephone users. I have refused to have a mobile phone because i cannot be bothered with the hype

    Maybe the system they could try is line rental plus the cost of each individual call - something like 10 cents per call for the first three minutes and no STD rates within Australia

    This would be a minor extension of the revolutionary system used by landline phones for best part of a century. It works and it is what most of us want when we get beyond the teenie bopper stage

    I'll fight to get to the front of the queue for this one. Camera on a phone and texting indeed- what a load of cobblers. A phone is a phone!

    if you want a big button phone with a screen, so you can see who your calling, or read text messages
    you can buy a simple phone from or
    I just bought one and love it

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