Telstra HTC Desire Froyo Update Not OTA After All

Over the weekend, Justin from the Telstra Twitter team announced that the Froyo update for HTC Desire owners wasn't going to be an OTA update after all. Turns out, all that 2.2 goodness is just too big, so instead the OS update will be made available from HTC's website for download.

As to when it will be made available... well, it's already been a few days since the last tweet. Let's hope for any minute now...

[Telstra Twitter]

UPDATE: The update now rests in Google's hands, according to this tweet from Telstra's Craig Middleton:

FroYo passed Telstra testing last week & is with Google for the final engineering OK. Release will follow in a few days. Thx 4 patience.



    Google would have a stronger platform IMHO if they were a little less open and stopped the Telcos from adding in more and more "stuff" to the point where it is too large for an OTA update. I wonder how much longer we will have to wait?

    you could just root your phone and have it now without all the telstra crap, Just sayin.

    Why is the Telstra update so big? My UK sourced Desire updated just fine over WiFi to Froyo 2.2. It was a 130MB or so file, and a few weeks later there was a 30MB update to 2.2.

    Froyo 2.2 is very nice, and the improvements to the UI are not really noticable until you use a friend's Telstra phone and realise they are not there.

    If you want Froyo on your Telstra Desire without all the Telstra bloat, go here: Very easy if you follow the instructions and good support on Whirlpool, can't go wrong imo.

    If Telstra is planning to supply this download from their site, then why the hell does this have to come down to us from Twitter and Facebook? Seems like someone is missing their gonads.... Promises made and promises broken..... nothing different for Telstra.

    I just purchased a NextG Desire from Telstra. I thought long and hard about going for the iPhone because of problems that will stem from the fragmentation of Android.

    The stupidly angular and slippery design, un-upgradeable memory and soldered-in battery of the iPhone that pushed me back toward the Desire. I'm almost certain I will soon root my phone to escape from Telstra purgatory.

    Both the hardware mfgs and Telcos are in great danger of killing the goose that otherwise is laying one giant golden egg. Jobs is all over this vulnerability. Google keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This is truly a fascinating moment in the history of mobile computing.

    seeing this im really tempted to root my desire, but i dont know if i really want to. it does mean that i can get rid of all the crap on my phone that i don't use, but is there any benefit of not rooting it? and are there any dangers to rooting it? warranty wise. bit of a noob question, but i'm really not keen to lose warranty haha

      I recently rooted my HTC Desire and flashed it with a the T-Mod ROM. Possibly the best decision I made in quite some time.

      Pretty easy to do, but requires a little bit of effort.

      Although yes, rooting (my that term sounds so creepy in Australia!) your phone followed by flashing it with an unofficial ROM does void your warranty.

    Is this out yet?? what is the hold up Telstra / HTC?? Please dont make me regret getting rid of my iPhone 3gs.....

    What is going on?? Far out just release it geez

    ummm telstra? .... a few days has passed now... where is froyo 2.2?

    This is starting to get a bit ridiculous now...I have been waiting for this upgrade forever! Unfortunately I can't root my phone as it is a work phone...

    FFS! Hurry up Telstra!!!! It's been sooo long now. Also It has been a few days since they said it would be 'a few days'!!! where the hell is it?!

    Telstra you need to release this now...

    This week on punked...Telstra string Desire owners along into thinking they will get 2.2

    Telstra. Slow, expensive, deaf, hopeless. Just another dissapointment to add to the increasingly long list.

    Thanks Telstra, you're becoming consistent in one thing. FAILING TO DELIVER!

    Few Days?, I do not understand their announcement, I want to use my blotooth with sipdroid and must have froyo. They seem to be frozen with de release.

    My daily routine - Check HTC site for froyo,then come to this site and then check Telstra Twitter..I do this at least 20 times a day!!! Hurry up Telstra!!!!!!

    Yeh seriously, where the F*** is this? not even any updates since this tweet, that I can find.

    Do we get an sms to let us know with instructions(for those that may need them). How big will this be? What stage of developments/approval is it at? So many questions, zero answers, what a crock, first and last time I purchase a telstra branded phone.

    It's out! ...bout time !...better late then never

    Heh - so an Android Phone 'requires' a Windows Op system to be upgraded.
    Maarvellous - yet another egregious insult to us by Tel$tra. The Network is obviously too unreliable for OTA:-)
    That's rooted.
    And I'm rooting.

    This morning, HTC came up with an OTH Update.
    Really. Mind, it was recommended that said update be done with WiFi, and therefore NOT the mobile network.
    So rooting delayed - for a while.
    Update performed flawlessly - Bonus: All data I had on the device remained intact.
    Guess I wasn't the only squeak from the vicinity of the wheels. But whatever the reason, thanks to HTC.
    Tel$tra? Hmm - don't know what happened there - but the disclaimer on the mobile network matter may be relevant:-)

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