T3 Scooters And The Cops Who Love Them

T3 Scooters And The Cops Who Love Them

The next time you ride NYC subway, you might notice an officer mounting one of four brand new T3 scooters. But the NYPD aren’t nearly the first cops to show off their sweet three-wheelers. Thank goodness.

Hoover, Alabama Police Department

Likes: Soundtrack; scooting in formation; raw speed.

Dislikes: Shopping mall location limited for stunts; gaudy vests.

Unidentified Local Georgia Police Department

Likes: No helmets; the part where the guy falls off the scooter.

Dislikes: Lack of audio; brevity.

Doha, Qatar Police

Likes: International flavor; badass sunglasses; scenic.

Dislikes: The guy doesn’t fall off the scooter.

Unidentified Security Personnel

Likes: Detailed walkthrough; appreciation of various lights; use of siren

Dislikes: None