Sennheiser's New Gaming Headsets Will Make Your PC Games Sing

Sennheiser's expanding its gaming headset line-up with four new sets o' cans - the flagship Sennheiser PC 360, the surround sound PC 333D and PC 163D, and the PC 330 G4ME. Hey, if they're good enough for your music...

Then they probably will make your games sound pretty great too. The flagship PC 360s have been available overseas for awhile, but now they're making their way to the States for $US299. They use Sennheiser Open-Aire speaker tech, have a volume control on the right ear cup, and the mic can be muted simply by lifting it up. Easy.

The $US209 PC 163Ds have virtualised 7.1 surround sound so no one will sneak up on you in the game and an open ear design so no one will sneak up on you in real life. The $US239 PC 333D also has pseudo 7.1 surround with a closed cup design, as well as a noise-cancelling mic, and rounding out the set is the PC 330 G4ME for $US169.95. [Sennheiser via Engadget]

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