Samsung's WP7 Handset Omnia 7 Appears In Video Demo

Not to be confused with LG's Windows Phone 7 phone the Optimus 7, Samsung's Omnia 7, has received a thorough going-over in a video, showing off more of the hubs and even Office. Microsoft Office! It looks great.

The UI may be running the French language, but you can still get a strong grasp of what to expect from using WP7, which will be officially announced next Monday by Microsoft.

In other WP7 news, the official press shots of LG's Optimus 7 leaked out on German site BestBoyz, and while they don't show much more than what we already know, it's pretty obvious that the tempo has been cranked up a notch or two this week for WP7, what with those HTC Mondrian leaks to consider as well. [BestBoyz and MobilityDigest via Phone7 via SlashGear]

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