Salesmen Sold Bucky Fuller's Dome Houses From A Suitcase

Chances are you're too young to remember the days when travelling salesmen went door-knocking (unless you're still fending off pesky Avon women now), but at one point someone would've been offered a dome building, shown in this miniature sample size.

It's from around 1960 and was recently auctioned off for $US7500. The reason it went for so much? It was designed by architect/designer Buckminster Fuller, who we know as the creator of those back-to-front Dymaxion cars.

There's a ton of other collectables that sold for equally sky-high prices in the Modern Design Auction, but this particular dome building suitcase is pretty funny. I wonder if anyone took the travelling salesman selling these up on his offer? [Wright 20 via Core77]

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