Research Tsunamis At This Indonesian Marine Centre Of The Future

Having been to Bali several times, I can tell you that this marine research vessel concept is about a million years away from most of their architecture. Saying that, however, the next photo juxtaposes the old and new beautifully:

Solus4 entered their concept into a design competition in Indonesia, where they stated that the marine research centre (housed 150m from the popular Kuta beach) would focus on tsunamis - specifically, getting an earlier heads-up on them, in wake of the 2004 disaster.

Not only would the research centre have laboratories for working in, but it'd also contain bedrooms for the workers and even a seawater pool. You have to wonder why they'd need a pool with all that glorious water surrounding the vessel, but I do like the sound of the proposed aquatic garden library. Only if I could keep one of Ringo's octopi in the garden, in the shade, of course. [Solus4 via DesignBoom]

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