Report: 'Popular' Facebook Apps Share User Info With Third Parties

Interesting. Certain Facebook apps (ahem, FarmVille) are sharing user info. Maybe that big Jobs-Zuckerberg sit down two weeks ago was a scolding about privacy and user experience? Probably not. In any event, the sharing goes against Facebook's own rules.

The news arrives this afternoon thanks to reporting done over at the Wall Street Journal. In their report, we learn that "tens of millions" of users could be affected, mostly thanks to popular apps created by Facebook games mega developer Zynga. Yes, farmers, this includes your precious FarmVille app!

The shared info includes Facebook user IDs, which advertisers and other tracking firms can use to look up user's names and other info on the social network.

Facebook has not yet responded to calls for comment, from the WSJ CNET or otherwise. In the meantime, lock down those farms, people. [WSJ]

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