Puzzle Utensils Simplify Fork-Knife-Spoon Teepee Construction

Join, by Konstantin Slawinski, is a set of utensils that can be assembled into a free-standing dinner table sculpture. Where the hell were these during the eight years of my childhood I spent trying to stand my tableware up?

It was a frequent restaurant pastime, trying to slot the spoon and the knife through the fork's tongs so that the whole structure supported itself, and that goal was often an elusive one. Not so with the utensils in this set, which sport notches so that they can be slotted together like a puzzle. All you need is the instructions:

The difficulty, of course, is figuring out how to take them apart - let that help you work up an appetite. It looks like Join will be available soon - you can find a dealer on Konstantin Slawinski's site. [Konstantin Slawinksi via Core77]

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