Publish Your OWn Ebook (And Profit!) With Barnes & Noble's PubIt!

Barnes & Noble just launched PubIt!, a new platform that lets individuals upload their opuses, sell them as real, honest-to-goodness ebooks in B&N's eBookstore and keep a decent chunk of the profit.

Hopefully, you have the Microsoft Word document that sci-fi epic you wrote kicking around on a burned CD somewhere, because PubIt! couldn't make it simpler to get your work to the Nook-wielding masses.

First, you upload your file. It can be in TXT, RTF, HTML or Microsoft Word. Basically, if you banged it out on a typewriter, you're out of luck, but if it's digital, PubIt! will take it, regardless of file size, and turn it into a nice clean ePub file. Within 72 hours, your ebook will show up in Barnes and Noble's eBookstore. It'll be viewable on Nooks, natch, as well as the Nook apps for iOS, Android, PCs, Macs and the like.

You can sell your book for any price ranging from $US1 to $US200. A price less than $US10 nets you 65 per cent per sale, while anything above $US10 gets 40 per cent. B&N says that they won't sneak up on you with any hidden fees anywhere along the line, which, along with its simplicity, is presumably what makes PubIt! competitive with Amazon's 70/30 publishing program. Now go get writing. [PubIt! via Fast Company]

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