Protect iPads In The Rich Man's Trapper Keeper

Here's a headline you won't ever see: "Apple Announces Trapper Keeper for iPad!" The plastic cases are about as far removed from Apple's design traits as you can get. But Booq has no qualms with a higher-end version, oh no.

There are several different versions available - a nappa leather one in grey or sand and turquoise for $US90, and then a "ballistic" one that comes in either slate, berry, or black and red for $US50. It can be used for three different purposes - as a case for carting around, stood up straight for watching video, and then a slanted angle for typing.

Various pockets have been sewn on for holding bits of paper or even an iPhone in, though I wouldn't suggest trying to stick Rosie O'Donnell in there - she's been in that situation one too many times. [Max Borges]

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