Panasonic Is Making A Lumix Cameraphone

They may not sell many mobile phones outside Japan, but considering how well respected Panasonic's Lumix camera range is around the world, a "Lumix phone" would actually do very well. Given the OS matches up to the phone's awesome-sounding specs, of course.

Weirdly, Panasonic's already announced specs for the phone prior to a launch event they're holding next Tuesday in Japan. The phone will edge out Nokia's N8 by one megapixel, supposedly having a 13MP CMOS sensor and their Mobile VenusEngine image processing technology, usually seen in their camera range.

A 3.3-inch display with a WVGA resolution, Wi-Fi, DLNA support and the usual features will also be included in this camphone, which is said to weigh 146g and measures 116mm x 52mm x 17.7mm.

This is seriously great news for people who don't want to cart around a compact camera as well as their phone. I adore the several Lumix models I've owned over the years and know plenty of others who swear by them too - but let's hope Panasonic gets it right with a Western release and OS, which the hardware deserves. [Panasonic via Panasonic press release MobileCrunch]

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