Obama Commands Mythbusters Crew To Fire Ancient Death Ray

Fringe right-wing conspiracy theorists are aren't delusional! Obama is planning to take over the nation, starting with a December appearance on Mythbusters, asking the team to ready Archimedes' solar ray. He's bummed he won't get to shoot it, though.

Obama will appear on the December 8 episode of the awesome Discovery Channel series as part of a White House push to get kids interested in science. And what better way than by revisiting the mechanical myth of the Archimedes death ray? The legendary device was reputedly used to defend the Greek coast during the 2nd century BC Siege of Syracuse, setting enemy ships ablaze from land. When Mythbusters last tried to replicate the super weapon, the results were less than spectacular. But will they be able to pull it off this time? With El Presidente's prompting, we think Yes We Can (set things on fire using giant mirrors). Or yes we hope, at least. [Mythbusters]


    Oh Obama baby, Jamie and Adam didn't let you blow something up with the death ray? You know you're just phone phone call away from making Iraqis an endangered species.

    Syracuse was a Greek colony in Sicily, not "the Greek coast". It's very sad and typically American that while exploring the "science" of this myth, they completely ignore the history. Maybe if American kids were interested in history they wouldn't repeat the same mistakes over and over as adults.

    How awesome would it be if President Obama calls in that experimental Lockheed Marin Air Platform Laser to "Replicate the Results" :)

    the mythbusters are the example for kids in america that want to be 'scientists'!!!!!?!?!?!? no wonder americans have a rep of being dumb. the mythbusters. ARE. NOT. scientists!! >:|

    "Although i didn't get to blow anything up" and "very frustrated" are 2 statements i never want to hear the president use in the same sentence.

    This makes me nervous

    It's weird that anyone can take his frustration over not getting to blow stuff up seriously. I think Obama is a very funny man. Also, the mythbusters are excellent scientists, especially for the purpose of educating young minds, simply because they distill the very essence of science and utilize it in a way that anyone can understand and be inspired by. Also, it's fun to watch stuff blow up.

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