No Criminal Can Escape... Lil' RoboCop

The year is 2010. Detroit is a crime-ridden carcass of the gleaming metropolis it once was. The city only has one hope. And he's five years old.

Juniper, a precociously awesome five-year-old, was dead set on being RoboCop for Halloween. "After I showed him the trailer," says his father (and clearly one of the world's best parents), Jim. "There was no convincing him otherwise." And what an adorable future-dystopia robot police officer he turned out to be.

And while just a single photograph of Lil' RoboCop would have been enough to melt the entire internet into a puddle of "awww", Juniper's parents didn't stop there. They happen to live in Detroit - COULD THIS GET ANY MORE PERFECT?! - which means that they had crime to fight:

About a dozen more photos of the Gizmodo-certified Cutest Costume of the Year can be seen over on their blog, Sweet Juniper. Would a shot-for-shot remake be too much to ask, guys? [Sweet Juniper via Daily What]

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