New Aussie Invention Lets You Move Two Wheelie Bins – AT THE SAME TIME!

In a completely rubbish statistic that I just made up, 98% of all Australian inventions are designed for the sole purpose of getting us milliseconds closer to beer. Take this multi-bin creation from South Australian inventor Mark Bradshaw, that allows users to wheel out not one, but two wheelie bins at the same time, therefore reducing the amount of time spent taking out the rubbish before cracking a beer.

Actually, it's actually a lot smarter than just letting you cut the number of trips to the curb. The Multi-bin works by redistributing the weight of both bins (including bins of different sizes) to be shared across the combined four wheels, therefore reducing the amount of effort required to move the combined weight.

The gadget is as simple to use as sticking onto the inside edge of the front of one bin, then hooking the bottom hooks under a second bin. Alternatively, you can use the tool to carry gardening equipment around the yard, making it twice as useful.

The Multi-bin costs $32, plus delivery, and is made in Australia from Australian materials. And if it gets you closer to beer o'clock, that's an absolute bargain.


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